People should help each other. This is how a functional, caring society works.

We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to fulfill our part in the communities and society around us.

Our interests range from supporting public health initiatives in our home town to humanitarian disasters overseas. We also believe in the importance of education and opportunities for youth, and this is something we’re constantly trying to contribute towards.

We’d love to share some of our interests with you.


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Life Flight Trust

Our long association with the Life Flight Trust has an interesting history. The capability of air travel for health and emergency response is a topic dear to the founders’ hearts. 

The Life Flight Trust is charity providing emergency air services in throughout New Zealand. Their valuable work is vitally important, and instrumental in saving lives every day.

As a Community Partner of the Life Flight Trust, it’s nice to know we’re doing something meaningful with our resources.


Wellington Free Ambulance

Continuing the theme of working with emergency and health services, we are solid supporter of the Wellington Free Ambulance.

A staple in the Wellington region, this organisation has been providing free paramedic services to the local community since 1927. Our support doesn’t go back quite that far, but now we’re on board, we think this is a great ride.

Our ongoing donations contribute directly to the Wellington Free Ambulance’s call to “Help keep us free.”


There are so many good quotes about the importance of education that we couldn’t choose a single one to illustrate our point. But we all know how vital it is, so maybe we don’t need one. We just need to help. Which is what we do, with our ongoing contributions to local education.

As well as helping out in our home town, our California office also backs a community school in the LA area. Assistance can take on many forms: donations, sponsorships, opportunities for work experience… We’re not restricting ourselves.


Street Soccer Sponsorship

New Zealand is a rugby country, but our game of choice is soccer. We work with our neighbours at the Olé Football Academy to provide street soccer to youths from the region.

Street soccer nights are absolutely free of charge and are open to all footballers aged 7 – 10 in the Porirua/Wellington region. The sessions are on Olé Football Academy’s cutting edge artificial playing surface and provide an environment based around “total uninhibited and unstructured free play”. We sponsor the pitch once a week in order to provide football opportunities for up-and-coming young players.

Local Council and More…

Local and regional councils are great at arranging initiatives and facilities to benefit their people. This is more their area of expertise than ours, but we’re more than happy to assist in any way we can. Next time you’re visiting our home offices, check out the walking and mountain biking tracks in the hills above our factory – one of our favourite projects we’ve sponsored to benefit the region.

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