Tim Rosenbrook

Simply easy, Simply better

Throughout our 26 years in the stainless steel fittings industry, we have fielded a lot of inquiries with regards to tube and fittings for architecture, exhausts, and automotive, and a vast array of other applications that fall outside of the strict regulations around tube going into dairy factories. Put quite simply, there was a need for a non-food grade fitting in the market that was produced to the same quality and degree as our standard range.

So Ultiform was born. Manufactured with our same signature techniques, it is a purpose-built product backed by Ultibend’s proven quality, consistency, and reliability. With our innovative manufacturing process, Ultiform is setting new standards of quality in the non-food grade stainless steel fittings.

Ultiform is a fit-for-purpose product for your non-food grade builds such as architecture and automotive. Its wide application makes it useful in builds ranging from balustrades to exhausts. Naturally, the Ultibend product quality guarantee applies to all Ultiform products.

Currently available in a variety of grades, we stock sizes ranging from 1.5″ through to 4″ (the 4″ will be available from October 2019). The range includes options in different product finishes depending on your needs.

Check out our full range here or contact us for more information about Ultiform, it’s applications, and how to purchase our new range.