Our Team

Meet the Ultibend team

We all have our own strengths, personalities, and beliefs. As team players we respect our differences and treat each other with dignity. We believe in ourselves and our fellow teammates. Together we achieve so much more than any one of us could alone.

Morgan Turley
General Manager

Morgan keeps a broad eye on the different functions of the business and ensure each department is running smoothly.

Linc Turley
Engineering Lead/Director

Linc is focused on process/machine design improvements. A major part in making sure Ultibend continues to make top quality products.

Allan Huse
Factory Manager

Allan has the overall responsiblity for the Factory and ensuring efficient production of stainless-steel elbows through our factory.

Subin Varghese
Logistics Manager

Subin manages all of the dispatch related functions of Ultibend. From final packing of product through to order picking and dispatch.

Shobin Antoney
Customer Service & Procurement

Antoney looks after customer enquiries and order entries along with ensuring our stocks of raw material is kept up to desired levels.

Sylvie Williams
Financial Controller

Sylvie has overall responsible for the finance operations of the business.

Tim Rosenbrook
Marketing Manager

Tim helps plan and deliver our marketing strategies to help raise awareness of our products or services.

The Ultibend Factory Team

This is the team that turns raw stainless-steel material into the best stainless steel tube elbows money can buy.
The Ultibend Logistics Team

These are the guys that polish, print, pack and dispatch the best stainless steel tube elbows money can buy

Our History – The Pursuit of Perfection

Our founders are brothers, born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand where we still manufacture today. Graeme and Linc’s story starts humbly, as general fitters and turners taking on anything from bed-frames to balustrades in a garage workshop. Their drive for perfection led to opportunities to supply the sanitary market. The brothers quickly realised they had a crucial edge – quality.

Quite simply, they made a beautiful product. Their own hands-on experience led them to develop special techniques. They designed and built our machinery in-house, allowing greater control and process consistency. Their dedication to producing perfect fittings was backed up by fast delivery and first-rate customer care. 

This leads us to where we are today… still chasing perfection and passing it on to you.