Subsidiary Companies

Ultibend has grown to encompass two other New Zealand based companies. Collectively, we are Satius Group.

ES3 Engineering Solutions Logo

ES3 Ltd is the youngest member of Satius Group and was born to fulfill a market need for quality, customizable engineering solutions. The company combines state-of-the-art technology with an expert body of knowledge to develop customized steel manufacturing solutions.

Along with their own reserves, ES3 can call on the resources of a number of experts in the industry to provide viable and creative resolutions. Their knowledge and wide range of contacts ensures that you get the best possible solution, along with the signature world-class customer care you’ll find in Satius Group.

UPG Pipe Systems logo

UPG Pipe Systems has had hands-on experience in the polymer piping industry in New Zealand since the early nineties. UPG imports, manufactures and supplies a wide range of piping systems for both fluid and gas transfer.

Even as a privately owned and operated subsidiary of Ultibend Industries, UPG retains its independence and flexibility. It routinely provides customers with the guarantee of excellent service & technical expertise, along with ensuring inspiration, leadership, flexible decision making and accountability throughout the company.

Satius Group Team