Whether you know it or not, you’re really here because you have a problem. It might be that you need to get your beer from brew tank to bottle, or perhaps your staircase needs a rail for people to hold. In either case, we’re in the business of solutions, and we’re keen to help you with yours. Of course, our fittings have much wider applications than just brewing and balustrades, and if you read on, you’ll see just some of the ways we can assist.

Dairy cows


New Zealand… best known internationally for Hobbits or bungee jumps, but as far as the boring reality goes, it’s the dairy industry that is one of the countries bigger export earners. New Zealand has been the ideal space to hone our expertise and become the masters of sanitary stainless steel tube fittings that we are today. Offered in both 304 and 316, our AS1528.3 products are fully traceable and ideal for your sanitary processing requirements.

Husk Brewery, Wellington

Brewing and Distilling

We’ve been guilty of enjoying the odd tipple since 1992 – both drinking, and helping people making it… We admit it’s fairly roundabout, but we make fittings, people use those fittings to make brewery and distilling equipment, and you can probably join the dots from there..

Stainless steel food processing

Food Processing

Much like dairy and brewing, other food and beverage processing equipment requires an edge of quality. We manufacture our sanitary product to AS1528.3, so you can have that confidence in our product for general food processing needs.

Stainless steel handrail


With our innovative manufacturing process, Ultiform is setting a new standard of quality in non-food grade stainless steel fittings.This range is a fit for purpose product for your non-food grade builds such as architecture and automotive. It’s wide application makes it useful in builds ranging from balustrades to exhausts. Naturally, the Ultibend product quality guarantee applies to all Ultiform products.

Welding stainless steel bends


Being an island nation surrounded by water, the sea is just something that you can’t really avoid. Our Duplex 2205 grade fittings are commonly used in the highly corrosive marine environments found on boats and oil and gas installations. These are available in the 1” to 4” size range in 45 and 90 degree bend angles. If you are in the market for straight tube, we hold stocks of these too.